Resource redirection

⚠️Redirection forwards cookies with the setting option "Redirect cookies" enabled, so use the options with care.

Setting options: "Url redirection" vs. "Resource redirection"

"Url redirection" redirects the main/page url only while "Resource redirection" is for all urls in the page.

Global redirection

Global redirection is enabled with the setting option "Resource redirection" or both "Url redirection" and "Redirect cookies".

When a valid global redirection url is set, the "default.redirect" has no effect, and any url resource is fetched with the new url by appending the original url to the global redirection url.

"default.redirect" (valid only without global redirection url)

Click the following links to append mirrors to the file "default.redirect":
google recaptcha mirror

Each line of the file "default.redirect" has the following format:
[domain name]:[regular expression]:[replacement expression]

in which "[regular expression]" is as defined by java language, and cannot have ":" inside; if empty, it defaults to be same as "[domain name]".

Ways to enable domain redirection:

Last Modified: 7 April 2024
more details on global redirection url