JS/CSS/HTML/preprocessing for domains

Javascript (load when page completes, earliest loaded JS should use sitecss).

CSS style and earliest loaded JS

If file "default.css" exists, the style will be applied to all sites not matching [domain root].css.

Extra html and preprocessing

An open tag as the last tag in the last 50 bytes of the user extra html expects more content to follow, thus the extra html is placed before the site html. Ex. when the extra html ends with "<textarea>" or "<plaintext>", the site source html appears as the value of the textarea/plaintext element, thus the extra html can further process the the site source html before rendering. A self closed tag such as "<br>" acts like open tags, also makes the site source follow the extra html.

"sitejs/.js", "sitecss/.css", "sitecss/.js" and "siteextra/.html" are applied to all non-http urls (file urls etc.).

Last Modified: 2 April 2024
support .js files under 'css' folder