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Main features

Change logs

1048: enhance file downloading. Previous versions may fail for few sites.
1047: add huge markdown file viewer
1038: support chatBot as search engine with url "i:0/js/hash2textarea.js:https://XXX"
1036: TV mode: reuse "" as live TV channel urls.
1034: click share button on homescreen to process clipboard text.
1030: Allow downloading with global redirection
1026: Test automation: enable i:0 urls in scripting mode
1017: crontab alarm clock and links as sixth field.
1008: Add long screenshot mode
1006: Advanced configuration: auto reload, download path
1004: bookmarklet "Show as html" to support clipboard sites such as "".
998: Bookmarklets to support CSP sites.
991: global url redirection support.
988: hosts file to support response headers.
985: Special urls to support shortcut keys such as ctrl-a to ctrl-z.
983: support "hosts" file domain name resolving (no root needed), only single space allowed as separator for ip address and domain name.
975: Bookmarks to support styling for markdown etc.
971: multiple type profiles: switch any data including website logins, user configurations orthogonally.
964: site source html preprocessing before rendering with user site extra html.
961: webdav/http file upload support with "i:0u" links.
955: Address bar: ":!" or "!" for command line support (.js/.sh files as executables).
949: Address bar: ":p [width in milliInch]x[height]" to generate PDF in custom size
946: Option "use offline cache" to support serverless local websites.

945: commands to support evaluation of generated js code.

943: Multiple home screens support .mht (offline webpage), .search & .html local files.

940: Any urls as website with local html processing ("i:0m/..../xxx.html:url")



Last Modified: 5 May 2024
enhance downloading